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This is an Independent Distributor Site for Kyani from Bob & Carolyn Allen and Their Kyani Team
See the Official Kyani website at
www.Kyani.net (Bob and Carolyn Allen Sponsor # is 258634)     Our Favorite Links


 True Leaders Know The Way, Show the Way, and Go The Way! 

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FEEL FREE TO CALL US!  Bob 571-643-9296
CAROLYN After 3:00 PM EST 571-643-9295

Note: If you have not jet joined, it’s critical that you join through the person who
introduced you to Kyani. Please contact them first, then come on back here for all our support materials and FUN!

If you are joining through us, go to
www.Kyani.net and us
Sponsor ID is 258634

Whether you’re an experienced network marketer, or this is the first time you’ve done something like this, we’re excited and here to help you hit the ground running! Not only that, you’ll quickly learn the material here and be able to pass it on to those who join through you!

Your success is our top priority! We’re so glad you’ve joined us and pledge to you our great desire for this to be one of the best things that has happened to you ... ever! Our own leaders have connections right to the top of the Kyani corporate ladder!  If you have questions, we’ve got answers and people to help you make your dreams come true.

View the Kyani Quickstart Manual.  Hard copy will arrive with your first order.  Your product and starter pack will arrive in 4-7 business days. Inside it there will be a booklet called “Your Quickstart Manual” -- Don’t wait for it! View it now and get started!

2. $300 First-Month BONUS: The Clock is ticking! Click
HERE to understand the Fast Track Bonuses.

PRINT OUT THE 72-HOUR FAST-START GUIDE PAGE. Use Page 12 and 13 of the QuickStart Manual to get you started. Choose from your list of friends and family who need the product, the business opportunity, or BOTH. Remember that they may not be interested, but they may know people who would be.

4. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT: Invite people to your home or to view the presentation over the phone! Here is a good script to get you started ...

5. PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING FOR YOU: Learn how your back office works and Personal Training. Set up a time with the person who signed you up to either sit at the computer with you, or for each of you to be at your computer and talking by the phone. Once you’ve been shown the basics, you’ll want to go back on your own. Do some role playing with us to be comfortable inviting people to meetings.

LEARN HOW TO PRESENT THE COMPANY OPPORTUNITY! ATTEND and INVITE YOUR PROSPECTS TO THE LIVE WEBINARSGet comfortable with The Kyani Presentation! CLICK HERE This pretty overview was received from Diamond Mary Louise Zeller and Ruby Dan Swindell.  They do regular webinars where you can send your prospects and friends! You can also listen in and follow their Powerpoint (same as the PDF) so YOU can do the presentation easily. If you would like this as a powerpoint document, please contact me.

Team Distributors
Bobbie Earhart

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